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2024 - 103rd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting

  • 2024_TRB_Campus-Community Partnership to Characterize Air Pollution in a Neighbourhood Impacted by Major Transportation Infrastructure. 
  • 2024_TRB_Implications of Freight Electrification Scenarios for GHG Emissions, Air quality, Health, and Environmental Justice. 
  • 2024_TRB_Capturing the Impacts of Construction Activities Using a Network of Low-cost Sensors Placed on Residential Balconies. 
  • 2024_TRB_Air Pollution Prediction and Backcasting through A Combination of Mobile Monitoring and Historical On-Road Traffic Emission Inventories. 
  • 2024_TRB_Investigating the Triple Burden of Socioeconomic Disparities, Mobility Poverty, and Air Pollution Exposure in Toronto’s Neighborhoods.
  • 2024_TRB_Aircraft Activities and Ultrafine Particle Exposures near a City Airport: Insights from a Measurement Campaign in Toronto, Canada. 
  • 2024_TRB_Modelling Spatial & Temporal Variability of Air Pollution in An Area of Unconventional Natural Gas Operations.
  • 2024_TRB_Quantification of the 2022-2050 Cumulative Air Quality Benefits of Dynamic Fleet Electrification Scenarios for Light-Duty Vehicles in the U.S. 
  • 2024_TRB_E-cargo Tricycles for Urban Goods Movement: A Comprehensive Analysis of a Pilot Study in Toronto.
  • 2024_TRB_Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Potential for Electrifying Transportation Network Companies in Toronto.