Positive Zero Transport Futures


Accelerate the transfer of transport decarbonization research & innovation into actionable knowledge.


  • A living lab ecosystem where new technologies, services, and policies are tested in a real-world context.
  • A learning community with membership from industry, government, non-profit, citizen groups, and academia, to design, pilot, and study new transportation and mobility interventions.


Positive Zero will provide the expertise to launch pilot projects, design intervention studies, conduct research with partners and affected communities, and most critically to share the real-world experiences gained across the network.

(A figure of objectives, including creating parnterships with various stakeholders, enabling muti-disciplinary research, training young scientists/innovators, and knowledge mobilization)

How does it work?


(A figure of processes: The pitch (submitted through multiple channels); Create network of experts & partners; Develop research, KT & community engagement approach; Establish funding & experiential learning opportunities; Procced with case study, and Measure success)

Partnership opportunities

Research Partners

  • Participate in research and co-fund projects 

  • Host student interns 

  • Part of the learning community

Benefits of partnership

  • Access to multi-disciplinary academic research team

  • Access to state-of-the-art research facilities (lab and fields)

  • Opportunities for matching funds from grant programs facilitated by positive zero

  • Access to interns

Learning Community

  • Attend events

  • Contribute to the events

  • Contribute to training

  • Contribute to knowledge mobilization

Benefits of partnership

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Network opportunities

  • Access to experts