Mobility Network Summer School 2023:
“Measure What Matters: Urban Mobility in an Era of Climate Emergency”
June 2023

The Mobility Network, co-sponsored by Positive Zero Transport Futures, hosted its second annual summer school, “Measure What Matters: Urban Mobility in an Era of Climate Emergency,” on June 20 and 21, 2023, at the University of Toronto. Over thirty students and postdoctoral fellows attended the two-day, in-person workshop.

This year’s summer school focused on evaluating government transportation infrastructure investments in terms of benefits for the economy, climate, and society. The students were guided through a series of mini-lectures and case studies that enabled them to produce a set of performance measures that can be used by government agencies when evaluating the “net zero” impact of investments and policy decisions. The performance measures were then applied to real-world transportation investments, and groups were challenged to draft a policy brief and plain language presentation.

Participants were chosen by applying to the Mobility Network and attended the event free of charge.

The summer school, directed by Drs. Shayamila Gamage and Junshi Xu invited Professors Marianne Hatzopoulou, Daniel Posen and Laura Minet to deliver short lectures on methods to measure travel demand, economic impact, GHG emissions, and social impacts, among other impacts of transport infrastructure projects. Mobility Network Director Professor Eric Miller and Managing Director Dr. Judy Farvolden actively engaged in discussions with the students, providing valuable insights and perspectives. The participating students and postdoctoral fellows were divided into groups, selected a case study, and worked through the process of identifying important indicators, finding methods to quantify these indicators, and preparing a summary of their key findings.

Overall, the summer school offered a valuable and engaging learning experience, fostering critical thinking and effective problem-solving skills among the students. Through practical case studies and interactions with experts, they gained insights into the complex challenges and opportunities related to the impact of transportation investments on the economy, society, and the environment.